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CSV is a universally supported format. Just about any system can export and import CSVs.

We’ll continue to use the right tool for the job and not aim to solve all our data integration problems with the qsv hammer. qsv will primarily serve as “interoperability duct tape” – as a “first mile/last mile” connector, massager, cleaner of data.

As any “data scientist/engineer” will tell you, data-wrangling continues to take an inordinate amount of time, and real-life data pipelines are brittle in nature, as data sources and business requirements inevitably change.

qsv affords you the raw speed and agility to quickly adapt to these ad-hoc changes on the edges. The complex transformations, and analytical heavy lifting still happens in your tool of choice.

Loosely-coupled, microservices, call it what you want. It’s the composable Unix Philosophy that’s been with us since the 70s.