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When the schema and validate commands specifications were first written, the intent was to use JSON Table Schema – which is specifically designed for tabular data.

Of course, being active in the CKAN community, I considered using Frictionless Data. However, it was limited to Python.

After surveying the available crates that can be leverage to build these commands – it became clear that we had to use JSON Schema instead using the jsonschema crate.

And validate is quite performant! Validating a million rows in less than 3 seconds.1

$ qsv validate .\NYC_311_SR_2010-2020-sample-1M.csv .\nyc50ksample.csv.schema.json
[00:00:02] [==================== 100% validated 1,000,000 records.] (411,861/sec)
Writing invalid/valid/error files...
2,995 out of 1,000,000 records invalid.

Still, as the jsonschema crate is still evolvingqsv will also support JSON Table Schema if and when it becomes doable/available in Rust.