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datHere CKAN DMS

A Foundation for Your Enterprise Data Infrastructure

Unlock the full potential of your Data by building an Enterprise Data Catalog using datHere’s CKAN Data Management System (DMS) Distribution. Create a comprehensive, central repository of all your data assets’ Metadata that provides a unified interface to search, discover, and securely share data assets within your organization and with your partners, customers, and the public in a granular, secure way.

Flexibility and Customization:

Unlike standard SaaS offerings, datHere CKAN DMS-as-a-Service allows for extensive customization, enabling organizations to tailor the system to their specific needs.

Integrated Data/Metadata Enrichment Services

Leverage high-value datasets from various trusted sources like the US Census Bureau. datHere also maintains an ever-growing library of groomed open data from around the world that you can quickly use to enrich, augment and geocode your data.

Comprehensive Metadata Management

The service provides a robust framework for capturing, cataloging, inferencing, and managing metadata, offering a holistic view of an enterprise’s data landscape.

Ease of Deployment and Maintenance

By combining the best of DIY and SaaS, datHere ensures a smooth and hassle-free deployment and maintenance experience.

Our Expertise

  • Custom CKAN Deployment: Leverage our expertise in setting up high-performing CKAN portals tailored to your needs. From cloud environments to secure API endpoints, we ensure your data management system is robust and scalable.
  • Extension Development & Integration: Enhance your CKAN portal with custom extensions. With over 300 extensions available, we offer custom development and integration of third-party extensions to add the functionality you need.
  • Comprehensive Data Management: Control and maximize the utility of your data assets. Our services provide greater visibility and access to enterprise-wide data, continuous quality review, and improvement cycles for datasets.

A Foundation for Your Enterprise Data Infrastructure

datHere CKAN DMS-as-a-Service is not just a tool for creating Open Data Portal Applications; it’s a full-fledged DMS platform that organizations can build upon. It seamlessly integrates with existing data streams, capturing relevant metadata and serving as a central source of truth for all enterprise metadata.

Why Choose Our datHere CKAN DMS?

  • Open Source and Community-Led: our platform is open source, eliminating license fees and letting you retain all rights to your data and metadata.
  • End-to-End Support: From hosting on scalable cloud infrastructure to technical support, training, and consulting services, we cover all aspects of DMS. datHere’s track record of supporting over 100+ active CKAN portals underscores our capability to handle projects of any scale.

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