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datHere Water Data Practice

Why build your Water Data Hub with datHere?

With over 100 data portals deployed across the United States in the past 12 years, datHere’s expertise spans municipalities, regional data centers, and state agencies. Leveraging this experience, datHere created a Water Data Practice in collaboration with our charter partners Texas, New Mexico and the City of Boerne, Texas, building a reference Internet of Water (IoW) Data Hub solution that adheres closely to the Internet of Water’s reference architecture. This solution aims to accelerate progress towards the vision of an interconnected and data-driven water ecosystem.

Credits: Internet of Water (IoW)

datHere’s strengths include:

Experience: Over 13 years of deploying CKAN-based data portals in the US, being appointed as the first CKAN professional services partner in the Americas in 2012, and serving on the CKAN Steering Group for 5 years.

Commitment to Open Source and Open Standards

Active maintainers and contributors to the CKAN project, several key extensions, and other related open-source projects. Contributors to open standards like DCAT-US v3 and BLDS – with a commitment to co-create a CKAN reference implementation of GeoConnex with our partners.

User-Centered Design

Close collaboration with charter partners to implement envisioned User Experiences. This has resulted in innovations like the “Data Resource Upload First” workflow, which simplifies the data publishing process and infers metadata “automagically” from a dataset.

Commitment to an Open Source Civic Data Ecosystem

In collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh, datHere has secured support from the NSF’s Pathways toward Open Source Ecosystems (POSE) program. After concluding Phase 1 of POSE in 2023, the University and datHere plans to establish Communities of Practice (CoP) to capture use cases across the Civic Data landscape later this year. The goal is to create reusable, standards-based, open-source Data Infrastructure – with Water Data being one of the key CoPs, making sure to align ourselves with current IoW Coalition initiatives that are already underway. Find out more at civicdataecosystems.org.

Build your Water Data Hub now!

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