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qsv pro

Your ultimate CSV and spreadsheet data wrangling toolkit

Your ultimate CSV and spreadsheet data wrangling toolkit

Transform and upload spreadsheet data to CKAN with our streamlined desktop app, featuring “recipes” for common data wrangling tasks. Based on the qsv CLI tool.

Preview of qsv pro v0.5.0
Local data wrangling

qsv pro allows you to perform data wrangling tasks from your desktop, be it Windows, macOS, or Linux

Interactive data tables

Just drop a valid spreadsheet file into qsv pro and explore insights about your data

Run pre-built scripts ("recipes")

Run recipes to transform your spreadsheet data, powered by the qsv CLI tool

No Programming Required

qsv pro does not require command-line tool knowledge or programming experience

Drag & Drop your data into qsv pro.

You can drag and drop a spreadsheet file anywhere within the Workflow section to import your data and begin exploring it in a data table.

  • File formats: .csv, .xlsx, .tsv, .tab, .xls, .ods, .xlsm, .xlsb    
  • Supports large spreadsheets with millions of rows
  • Begins scanning and analyzing your data on import
  • Generates stats, frequency, and file metadata

*Certain file formats are not fully tested or supported.

Transform your data with recipes

qsv pro features a suite of recipes (scripts) for common data wrangling tasks to perform on your spreadsheet, including:

  • Sort in lexicographical order
  • Remove duplicate rows
  • Remove rows with Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Upload your data to a CKAN instance

qsv pro allows you to upload your transformed data to a CKAN instance within an organization and dataset as a resource.

  • Integrated with the CKAN API (>= 2.9)
  • Search through organizations, datasets, and resources
  • Create a new resource or overwrite existing resources

Run Polars SQL queries on your data

Using qsv’s built-in sqlp command, qsv pro leverages Polars so you may run SQL queries to learn more insights from your spreadsheet data.

  • Run Polars SQL queries your spreadsheet data
  • View query output in a data table
  • Get the estimated elapsed time for your queries

Run qsv terminal commands with the Configurator GUI

No need to run qsv commands in your terminal. Try out our qsv Configurator graphical user interface (GUI)* as an interactive way to run qsv without the need to use a command line interface (CLI).

*Configurator does not currently support all qsv commands.

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